Can A Locksmith Make A Key From A Broken Key?

Can A Locksmith Make A Key From A Broken Key?

If you were put in a situation where your keys broke inside the lock, and you don’t have an extra key to copy it, you might think that it’s a problem. So, if you wonder if you can make a key from a broken one, the answer is yes, it is possible.

The process of copying a broken key is possible. However, you will need a professional locksmith to provide you with the best results. Even though it’s possible, there are some cases in which it would be difficult to provide you with a copy. That’s because the process depends on the state of the key and how damaged it is.

Free the lock way

It is advisable that you remove the broken part of the key out of the lock before calling a locksmith to create a copy for you. If you find difficulty extracting the key, the locksmith will help you with it, whether it’s a house key or a car key that you’re trying to extract. Once the way is clear and you have your copy, it will be easier to try it than waste time again.

What about Car keys?

Copying car keys is also possible. In order to replace a broken car key, the locksmith will need the broken pieces or the recorded key code. However, there are some cases where copying a car key will be impossible as the transponder chips are a part of the broken key. In this situation, your best option is to program a new key.

Do you need the whole key to copy?

It’s not essential to have both the broken pieces; however, it will be better to gather more information about the key, especially if it’s severely damaged. The most important part is the grooved blade, after all. If you have it in one piece, it will make the process easier. However, if it’s broken, you can still copy the key if you have the key code recorded.

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